A design of opulence and embellishment, Art Deco is the inspiration for one of our bestselling jewellery ranges. Typified by bold geometric shapes, sleek lines and beautiful materials, there is a lot more to Art Deco than just its lavish design. Art Deco design permeated the culture of the 1920s and 1930s all over the world. Romanticised and associated with flapper girls and the lavish Great Gatsby, Art Deco is also a design that emulates and celebrates the formulaic mass production emerging at the time as well as uniqueness that is brought by one-off creations. A style that spread across the globe, influences from all manner of cultures were incorporated in pieces from East to West. Influences that have been found cover the Romans to the Egyptians and more juxtaposed with motifs of modern automation.

Art Deco design crossed jewellery boundaries, incorporating both fine and fashion materials with everything from diamonds, rubies, emeralds and sapphires to glass and plastics. Marcasite pyrite stones were very popular in Art Deco styles, adding some sparkle to sterling silver, steel and chrome designs. Other semi-precious gemstones seen in older Art Deco gem jewellery designs include beautifully blue lapis lazuli, black onyx, pearl, carnelian and many more in a range of colours and cuts.

With the actions World War ll crippling economic prosperity, designs of such extravagence were no longer reflective of society and became less popular at the time. Nowadays and with many revivals since the 1930s, Art Deco design is coveted. Found on all manner of artifacts from buildings to furniture, jewellery to apparel, Art Deco is now considered both iconic and timeless. With Art Deco jewellery experiencing a renaissance, many modern and discerning shoppers are opting for both newly designed Art Deco engagement rings and vintage estate jewellery passed down through the generations.

Inspired by the aesthetically beautiful and culturally significant, our Art Deco silver jewellery collection teams sterling silver with angular cut gemstones such as onyx, spinel, marcasite, mother of pearl and lapis lazuli. With bold geometric triangles, squares, circles and arcs, each design aims for a decadent kind of simplicity.