Collier Perle Moderne Hexagne Argent 925 Plaqué Or Perletet Saphir

Collier Perle Moderne Hexagne Argent 925 Plaqué Or Perletet Saphir


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About This Item

A beautiful sterling silver necklace on a snake chain plated in warm yellow gold, featuring a single hexagon showcasing a sapphire gemstone and a dangling cultured freshwater pearl.

Gemstone Information

The orb shapes and velvety iridescence of pearls evoke ideas of nature and purity. In some cultures it has been believed that pearls were ‘teardrops of the moon’ fallen from rain and placed in the heart of an oyster.
Sapphire is famed for its beauty but also practical properties of strength and resilience. Helen of Troy, famed for her lure and charm, was said to have owned a large star sapphire that symbolised her attraction.
As a birthstone, pearls represent June birthdays and sapphires represent September birthdays.

Jewellery Collection

Pearl jewellery is effortlessly elegant and timeless. Loved by trend-setters and fashion royalty alike, pearls are the gemstone of the season in chic and unusual plays of traditional pearl designs incorporating modern and organic shapes. Get the look with Gemondo's Modern Pearl Collection highlighting bright and beautiful pearls accented with colourful gemstones.

Product Code 270N0353801925
Material Gold plated 925 Sterling Silver
Gemstone Details 1 x Pearl – 0.792ct - Semi-Round – 5-5.50mm
1 x Blue Sapphire - 0.166ct - Round - 3mm
Gemstone Origin Cultured Freshwater Pearl - China
Blue Sapphire - Australia