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Gems of the Sun

Peridot is the birthstone for August and is used to mark 16th wedding anniversariesVirgos also use peridot as their symbolic zodiac gemstone. Some believe that it can increase confidence and assertiveness, balanced by patience and clarity of thought. It is also known as a stone for prosperity and happiness.

What makes this stone all the more intriguing is its relationship with otherworldly bodies. Peridot deposits have been found in meteorites and comet dust, marking it as a truly cosmic material. In Hawaii, the famous Mahana beach is laden with granular peridot, giving the impression of vast expanses of green sand.

Sun Blessed Skin

and rose gold shades

There are several different reasons that jewellery looks different on different people, but one of the biggest factors is skin tone. Certain metals and gemstones look better against different skin tones. Designs crafted in rich rose gold look remarkable on those with warm skin tones. Warm hued gemstones such as CitrineGarnetMorganitePeridotRuby or a gorgeous iridescent gemstone such as Mother of Pearl can also be a flattering  choice.


Did you know?


It is believed that jade reflects the life of the wearer, becoming more brilliant and bright during good times or dull during challenging ones.

Jade has famously been coveted in parts of Asia and Australasia where ceremonial sculptures and statues as well as jewels and heirlooms have been documented and exhibited. This ancient gem can be found in many colours, verging from pale greens and blues to lavender and pastel pinks. Green jade has long been used as a symbol of luck with money and also guard the wearer from misfortune.


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