1st Anniversary - Gold

You have many options as the first annivesary as any gemstones set in gold is perfect. We sell a range of yellow gold jewellery, and if you're not a big fan, we have white gold and rose gold jewellery available. Gold is also the 50th wedding anniversary gemstone.

2nd Anniversary - Garnet

Although garnet comes in several colours, the most famous garnet gemstone is the rich dark red colour. Combine this with gold or sterling silver jewellery, it will be an eye-catching piece. Garnet is also the 18th wedding anniversary gemstone.

3rd Anniversary - Pearl

This beautiful elegant gemstone is a classic piece of jewellery treasured by anyone. One of the most classiest and elegant gemstone one can own. Pearl is also the 30th wedding anniversary gemstone.


4th Anniversary - Topaz

The blue topaz gemstone comes in a selection of blue tones. We have a selection of different types of topaz including Mystic Topaz, Blue Topaz and Clear Topaz.

5th Anniversary - Sapphire

One of the precious gemstones available and more famously known for the 45th and 70th annivesary gift. A timeless classic and a gorgeous choice for your loved ones.

6th Anniversary - Amethyst

The beautiful colour from light pinks to deep, rich purples are stunning with any piece of jewellery. A mediative and calming stone and one of the most popular gemstone we source at Gemondo.

7th Anniversary - Onyx

Known for it's famous black colour, Onyx is a hard, durable gemstone which is believed to be a protection stone worn when facing adversaries.

9th Anniversary - Lapis Lazuli

Its deep intense blue features, remains the symbol of honor, gods and power. Also used in the famous Tutankhamen's funeral mask. This eye catching lapis sets well in sterling silver but if you like it in gold, we have a wide range available.

10th Anniversary - Diamond

Most popular as the 60th anniversary gemstone, and a memorable one to give on the 10th anniversary to celebrate a decade together. As they say, diamonds are a girls best friend.

11th Anniversary - Turquoise

Turquoise is available in a variety of blue from light to deep blue. It is one of the world's most ancient gemstones with some believe it has protective qualities.

12th Anniversary - Jade

Carved into beautiful smooth shapes, the jade gemstone are also used in a variety or ornaments and functional objects. From lavendar jade to blue jade, we have a variety of jadeite gemstones available.

13th Anniversary - Citrine

Citrine is like a burst of sunshie, varying from light yellow to deep orange colours. Fun fact - Citrine is when purple amethyst undergoes heat treatment.

14th Anniversary - Opal

Shimmering with all sorts of different colours, there is never one the same. Also available in the bright orange colour known as the fire opal.

15th Anniversary - Ruby

Emblems of passion and love, give your loved ones something to remember this anniversary. Ruby is also the 40th wedding anniversary gemstone.

16th Anniversary - Peridot

Peridot with its bright glistening green make it a a beautiful jewellery piece when set in gold. One of the few gemstones that stay true to just one colour, but can be found in different shades of green.

17th Anniversary - Carnelian

A warm vibrant colour gemstone that helps boosts confidence is perfect set in sterling silver. Carnelian is a great gemstone to carve and set into decorative jewellery.

19th Anniversary - Aquamarine

The ocean blue gemstone, translated from the Latin name 'water of the sea'. The soft colour of the gemstone makes it suitable to wear with anything.

20th Anniversary - Emerald

Another one of the precious gemstone available at Gemondo and make up a very unique part of the beryl family. Emerald is also the 35th and 55th anniversary gemstone.

21st Anniversary - Iolite

Iolite comes from the Greek word 'Ion' meaning 'violet flower'. As the gemstone cannot be treated with heat, the gemstone is natural with it's beautiful blue, purpleish hues.

22nd Anniversary - Spinel

Most of Gemondo's spinel gemstones are solid black varieties, however they do occur in an array of colours from blue to pink, red to purple.

24th Anniversary - Tanzanite

Given the name by Tiffany & Co, tanzanite was discovered in it's country Tanzania. One of the world's newest gemstones, praised for it rarity and natural blue/purple tones.

25th Anniversary - Diamond

At Gemondo we have a wide selection of sterling silver jewellery. Don't limit yourself to just sterling silver, embrace any colour or match it with their birthstone to make an ultimate 25th anniversary gift.