Bague O Leaf Branche D'Olivier Or Blanc 375 Diamant

Bague O Leaf Branche D'Olivier Or Blanc 375 Diamant


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About This Item

An elegant nature-inspired 9ct white gold ring with diamonds in a beautiful olive branch motif. The olive branch is a universally known symbol of peace.

Gemstone Information

Diamonds are celebrated for their unrivalled strength and striking beauty which is why they are often shared in the most romantic gestures.
As birthstones, diamonds represent April birthdays and are traditionally given as 10th anniversary gifts.

Jewellery Collection

he Gemondo O Leaf Collection celebrates the universal symbol of peace and tranquility, the olive branch. Express yourself and spread the love with this stunning nature-inspired jewellery collection.

Product Code 162R0397019
Material 9ct White Gold Hallmarked
Gemstone Details 3 x Diamond - 0.015ct - Round - 1mm
Gemstone Country of Origin Diamond - India