Bague ECFEW™ Fleur de Lys avec Topaze Blanche
Bague Ouverte ECFEW™ Fleur de Lys avec Grenat
Bague Ouverte ECFEW™ Fleur de Lys avec Grenat

Bague Ouverte ECFEW™ 'The Liberator' Fleur de Lys avec Grenat


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About This Item

This stunning 9ct gold Garnet Fleur De Lis open ring is inspired by the historical heroine of France. Fleur De Lis is a decorative lily often used to represent Catholic saints of France. The perfect way to add power and elegance to your ring stack.

Gemstone Information

Garnet jewellery is a celebration of femininity and life, empowering and beautiful. Garnet has been used in jewellery for centuries with ancient Egyptians and Romans being documented as lovers of this dark red gemstone's beauty. As a healing stone it is also thought to bring success in business and boost confidence. As a birthstone, Garnet represents January birthdays. A pearl is the most beautiful metaphor for striving through adversity. Each begins life as an impurity that has made its way into the heart of a mollusc in which it forms into an iridescent gem.

Jewellery Collection

The Extraordinary Collection for Extraordinary Women tells visual stories of heroic females to inspire a new generation of strong and empowering women. Adorn beautiful gemstone jewellery pieces created in homage to muses who have owned their course of history.