Collier à Graver Argent 925 Améthyste

Collier à Graver Argent 925 Améthyste


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About This Item

This Sterling Silver Necklace is designed so that you can engrave a custom message onto it, making it completely unique. The Necklace features with a beautiful Amethyst gemstone.

Gemstone Information

Amethyst is thought to be a stone of friendship and love. It has even been said that St Valentine wore a gold amethyst ring.
As a birthstone, amethyst represent February birthdays and are traditionally given as 6th anniversary gifts.

Jewellery Collection

Our engraving collection is designed so that you can make these pieces of jewellery your own by adding a custom message or motive to the engravable areas. All of these items are designed to be sleek and fashionable.

Product Code 270N036207925
Material 925 Sterling Silver
Gemstone Details 1x Amethyst – 0.066ct – Round – 2.50mm
Gemstone Origin Amethyst-Brazil