Collier Lariat Modern Glam avec Topaze

Collier Lariat Modern Glam avec Topaze


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About This Item

A stunning London Blue Topaz lariat necklace with a gold plated sterling silver hexagon opening. Wear as a choker or longer necklace with a chain that measures 45cm end to end.

Gemstone Information

Topaz is allochromatic, meaning imperfections and impurities in their structure are the cause of their many respective colours. Topaz was thought to enhance beauty, give its wearer longevity in life and reinforce with physical strength. Topaz is the birthstone for November and is also given as a love token on 4th and 23rd anniversaries.

Jewellery Collection

The Modern Glam Collection embodies the spirit of party season. Sparkling topaz is set into beautiful hoops, bracelets, rings and necklaces for layers that turn heads, catch eyes and compliment your special occasion.

Product Code 253N294301925
Material 925 Sterling Silver