Pendentif Code Whispers 'Love' Or Brossé avec Pierres Précieuses

Pendentif Code Whispers 'Love' Or Brossé avec Pierres Précieuses


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About This Item

Fall in love with this stylish 9ct Gold gemstone pendant necklace that carries a secret acrostic message and brushed gold detailing. Featuring a lapis lazuli, opal, green tourmaline and emerald gemstone, this chic pendant necklace is perfect for layering.

Gemstone Information

Acrostic Alphabet:
L - Lapis Lazuli
O - Opal
V - Verdelite Green Tourmaline
E - Emerald

Jewellery Collection

The Coded Whispers Collection is inspired by the acrostic jewellery tradition where each letter of the alphabet has its own gemstone. Made famous by Marie Antoinette's jeweller and loved by Napoleon Bonaparte who would gift pieces to Empress Josephine, acrostic jewellery gave star crossed lovers a way to send elegant gifts with hidden notes of adoration. These gemstones when set beautifully together reveal a special message known only to those who can unravel this special code. Decorated with a brushed gold or sleek black enamel finish, these pieces encourage you to choose your mantra and dare to live, love and dream.

Product Code 133P3924019
Material Hallmarked 375 9ct Yellow Gold
Gemstone Details 1 x Lapis Lazuli - 0.050ct - Square - 2.5mm
1 x Opal - 0.076ct - Round - 3mm
1 x Green Tourmaline - 0.064ct - Marquise - 4x2mm
1 x Emerald - 0.153ct - Pear - 4x3mm
Gemstone Origin Lapis lazuli - Afghanistan
Opal - Australia
Tourmaline - South Africa
Emerald - Brazil